Weight Loss Tips for Women Under 30

Heather Carson

By: Heather Carson

If you are a woman in your 20s, you may think this is the time to take advantage of your quick metabolisms by eating whatever they want and avoiding the gym before you get older.

Well, think again: now is actually the perfect time to get into good shape and develop great habits that can last throughout your life.

According to Elizabeth Battaglino Cahill, RN, the executive director of the National Women’s Health Resource Center, “this is the best time to create a foundation of healthy living” because you will effectively form good habits which you’ll take with you throughout your life.

But what exactly are the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and physique?

Keep reading in order to discover the best weight loss tips for women under 30!

Tip 1: Control Your Portions

One of the most important habits you can form while you’re young is to keep your portions small.

According to WebMD.com, the average American underestimates the number of calories he or she eats every day by a whopping 25%, meaning you are eating one-fourth of your total daily caloric intake without really even thinking about it!

weight loss tips for women under 30 Thus one of the best ways to keep your portions under control and your calorie count low is to eliminate mindless eating.

You can do this by keeping track of the food you eat throughout the day with a food log, a strategy which has been clinically proven to help people lose twice as much weight as people who do not keep track of their daily calorie intake.

Plus, you can actually carry your food log around with you everywhere, thanks to free diet apps for smartphones–such as “Lose It.” This app adds up all the calories you’ve eaten easily, providing a thorough database full of foods, ingredients, and nutritional values.

You can also keep your portion sizes small by being smart about your snacking. As fun as it is to watch hours of TV with a full bag of potato chips at your disposal, people do most of their most mindless eating while their minds are on something else–such as a TV show, a book, a movie, work, etc. So instead of sitting there with an entire bag of your favorite snack, fill up an individual sized bowl.

Tip 2: Learn to Love Exercise

One of the most crucial weight loss tips for women under 30 is to find a physical activity you really like.

weight loss tips for women under 30Working out is essential to maintaining a healthy weight, and if you make exercise a priority while you are in your 20s, you will keep up the habit even as you get older.

This will become key, since as your body ages, your metabolism starts slowing down and it becomes more difficult to prevent weight gain. Also, regular exercise will help you alleviate stress, lower your risk for diseases, and keep your bones and joints in great shape.

The most foolproof way to consistently get enough exercise is for you to find an activity you actually have fun doing. That way it will be more of an enjoyable hobby you look forward to rather than an unfun obligation.

Try out a fun, engaging workout like Zumba, a dance aerobics class in which you get at least 30 minutes of solid, heart-pumping cardio. Another popular and fun way to exercise is to go on regular hikes. Not only will you be getting a great workout, but you’ll also get to enjoy some beautiful views you wouldn’t normally get to see.

Tip 3: Get Enough Sleep

Yet another one of the best weight loss tips for women under 30 is to make sure you are getting at least seven hours of sleep every night.

weight loss tips for women under 30This is because when you don’t get enough rest, it completely throws off the hormones responsible for keeping your appetite in check.

Normally, the hormone ghrelin is in charge of making you feel hungry in order to help you get the nutrients and calories you need, while the hormone leptin keeps you from overeating by making you feel full and know when to stop eating.

However, multiple clinical trials have proven that when you don’t get enough sleep, your hormone levels get out of order: your ghrelin levels skyrocket, making you feel constantly hungry, and your leptin levels decrease dramatically, meaning you never feel satisfied.

Thus when you are well-rested and your ghrelin/leptin levels are under control, it is much easier to keep your calorie count low.

Maintain Your Weight Now with These Healthy Habits!

You may only be in your 20s, but you should definitely be mindful of the changes you need to make in order to have a long, healthy life!

Therefore, if you apply these weight loss tips for women under 30 to your daily life now, you will not only look amazing but will also be able to continue looking and feeling great for a very long time.

What are your favorite weight loss tips for women under 30? Let me know in the comments below!

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